Waluigi join battle

Waluigi is an unlockable character in Crazy Crossover Clash.


Description Damage
Neutral Attack Does a swinging punch, then kicks rapidly for a while before dealing an uppercut with his tennis racket. 19% if all attacks hit
Forward Tilt Thrusts his knee forward 9%
Up Tilt Throws a punch upwards 11%
Down Tilt Does a low kick 10%
Dash Attack Falls down to the ground, slashing with a tennis racket. 7%
Forward Smash Swings his tennis racket 15% uncharged, 27% charged
Up Smash Kicks his leg upwards 12% uncharged, 24% charged
Down Smash Spins around swinging a golf club 14% uncharged, 31% charged
Neutral Aerial Kicks his legs in opposite directions 6%
Forward Aerial Thrusts his knee forward. Like Captain Falcon's knee, it can sweetspot. It does less damage than Captain Falcon's; however it has longer range. 10% if sourspotted, 26% if sweetspotted
Back Aerial Does two backwards kicks 14% if both kicks connect
Up Aerial Does a flip kick 12%
Down Aerial Repeatedly stomps downwards. Can Meteor Smash opponents and stall Waluigi's fall. 8% per hit
Grab Reaches out and grabs opponent. -
Pummel Beats opponent with tennis racket 4% per hit
Forward Throw "Serves" opponent by hitting them with the racket. 11%
Back Throw Throws opponent behind him and hits them with a backwards kick. 9%
Up Throw Kicks opponent upward. 13%
Down Throw Throws opponent on the ground and does a slamming kick. 9%
Floor Attack (Front) Does a sweep kick. 5%
Floor Attack (Back) Kicks his right leg behind him. 6%
Edge Attack (Fast) Flips and does a dropkick. 8%
Edge Attack (Slow) Swings his tennis racket 5%

Special MovesEdit

Name Description Damage
Neutral Special Serve Waluigi serves a tennis ball, which bounces along on the ground. He can charge it so it goes faster and does more damage. 5-15%
Neutral Special Custom 1 Fiery Serve Serves a fiery tennis ball, which cannot be charged. 9%
Neutral Special Custom 2 Power Serve The ball goes faster and further, but does less damage. 3-9%
Side Special Waluigi Tornado Waluigi forms a gamma sign and spins rapidly around. 20% damage if all hits land.
Side Special Custom 1 Focused Tornado Waluigi creates a bigger tornado that does more damage, but he cannot move. 26% damage if all hits land.
Side Special Custom 2 Vortex Tornado The tornado goes faster and sucks opponents in, but doesn't last as long and does less damage. 15% damage if all hits land.
Up Special Swim Waluigi "swims" through the air, performing three strokes that lift him upwards. The strokes do damage and knock opponents upward, allowing for combos. 7% per stroke, 21% total.
Up Special Custom 1 Jet Swim Waluigi gains much more distance, but the strokes are smaller and do no damage. 0%
Up Special Custom 2 Rip Current Does a powerful stroke that launches enemies far, but only has one stroke and thus does not go as far. 20%
Down Special Stomp Waluigi stomps the ground, burying anyone in his vicinity. 12%
Down Special Custom 1 Hard Stomp Gains Super Armor and opponents are buried longer, but has more lag. 15%
Down Special Custom 2 Stomp Quake His stomps cause an earthquake which reaches farther, however it cannot bury opponents.
Super Special Mega Strike Floats in the air and creates a vortex, which pulls opponents in. Waluigi hits and kicks them repeately before kicking a thorny ball at them, which then explodes.
Waluigi Super Special

Misc. MovesEdit

Up Taunt Bounces a tennis ball on a racket and snickers evilly.
Side Taunt Makes the gamma symbol with his hand and puts it on his forehead, laughing and sticking his tongue out. It can also be interpreted as the "L for Loser" symbol.
Down Taunt Makes a fist while his eyes glow purple, a callback to Mario Tennis.
Battle Entrance Walks in and holds out a tennis racket.
Victory Pose 1 He stands with his back to the screen, then turns around, laughing and stroking his mustache.
Victory Pose 2 Hits a tennis ball three times, then takes a knee and gasps for breath.
Victory Pose 3 Does his Drop Rocket kick from Super Mario Strikers and stays in that position afterwards.
Idle Animation 1 Strokes his mustache.
Idle Animation 2 Stomps his feet on the ground.