Caillou is a confirmed character in Crazy Crossover Clash.
Tantrum Time


Description Damage
Neutral Attack Does a kick, a punch, and another kick
Forward Tilt
Up Tilt
Down Tilt
Dash Attack
Forward Smash
Up Smash
Down Smash
Neutral Aerial
Forward Aerial
Back Aerial
Up Aerial
Down Aerial
Forward Throw
Back Throw
Up Throw
Down Throw
Floor Attack (Front)
Floor Attack (Back)
Edge Attack (Fast)
Edge Attack (Slow)

Special MovesEdit

Name Description Damage
Neutral Special Tantrum Caillou throws a tantrum, flailing his arms around.
Side Special Tricycle Rides on his tricycle, which is like the Wario Bike only faster.
Up Special
Down Special
Super Special

Misc. MovesEdit

Up Taunt
Side Taunt
Down Taunt
Battle Entrance
Victory Pose 1
Victory Pose 2
Victory Pose 3

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